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The following pie charts reflect real-time current status of people groups. Hover over the charts/graphs and click on the pop-up window links to learn more about a specific people group.

PG* (People Group) is the largest group through which the gospel can flow without encountering significant barriers of understanding and acceptance.

UPG* (Unreached People Group) is when the percentage of evangelical Christians in the people group is less than 2 percent.

UUPG* (Unengaged Unreached People Group) is Unreached plus there is no intentional church planting strategy being implemented.

People Group Highlights

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StatusPG Name Country Of Birth IMB Affinity Group Affinity Bloc Primary Religion Population Total
IcelanderIcelandEuropean PeoplesEurasian PeoplesNon-Religious34,920
MalteseMaltaEuropean PeoplesEurasian PeoplesChristianity - Roman Catholic30,400
DanesDenmarkEuropean PeoplesEurasian PeoplesNon-Religious30,300
SloveneSloveniaEuropean PeoplesEurasian PeoplesChristianity - Roman Catholic29,480
BasqueSpainEuropean PeoplesEurasian PeoplesChristianity - Roman Catholic28,000
Finnish, FinnFinlandEuropean PeoplesEurasian PeoplesChristianity - Protestant27,500
NorwegianNorwayEuropean PeoplesEurasian PeoplesChristianity26,188
MacedonianMacedoniaEuropean PeoplesEurasian PeoplesChristianity - Orthodox23,042
Low German, PlautdietschRussiaEuropean PeoplesEurasian PeoplesChristianity12,000
Hutterite, TyroleseUnited StatesEuropean PeoplesEurasian PeoplesChristianity11,250
SurinamerSurinameEuropean PeoplesLatin-Caribbean AmericansChristianity - Protestant6,500
Greek CypriotCyprusEuropean PeoplesEurasian PeoplesChristianity - Orthodox5,900
WelshUnited KingdomEuropean PeoplesEurasian PeoplesChristianity3,300
AlsatianFranceEuropean PeoplesEurasian PeoplesNon-Religious2,800
Scottish, GaelicUnited KingdomEuropean PeoplesEurasian PeoplesChristianity2,000
CatalanSpainEuropean PeoplesEurasian PeoplesChristianity - Roman Catholic1,750
LiechtensteinerLiechtensteinEuropean PeoplesEurasian PeoplesNon-Religious820
Swiss (Alemannisch)SwitzerlandEuropean PeoplesEurasian PeoplesChristianity340
Lusatian SorbsGermanyEuropean PeoplesEurasian PeoplesChristianity - Protestant300
BretonFranceEuropean PeoplesEurasian PeoplesChristianity - Roman Catholic60