Finnish, Finn of United States

People Group Info

Total Population: 63,484

ROP3 Code: 103021
IMB Affinity Group: European Peoples
Affinity Bloc: Eurasian Peoples
People Cluster: Finno-Ugric
Language: Finnish - (fin)
Religion: Christianity - Protestant
Country of Origin: Finland

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Majority Located Where

  Houghton, MI - 1,700

  Knoxville, TN - 154

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Brief Profile

The Finnish of Finland have a long history of migration. The largest number of Finnish in North America reside in Minnesota, specifically in the Minneapolis Twin Cities metro area. However, the greatest concentration of Finnish are in Michigan's upper peninsula.

More recent arrivals, though, live in suburbs while at the same time privately maintain their unique Finnish identity. They eat Finnish food, speak Finnish at home, frequently travel to Finland, maintain Finnish annual events, plus transmit the Finnish language to their children. They also reinforce Finnish traditional culture and language among people with a Finnish ancestry.

The majority of Finnish claim Christianity being Laestadian Lutherans. However, many are non-religious in their practice of Christianity. The Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church remains in Calumet, Michigan.

For more information, see Finnish Minnesota.

Prayer Points

  • Pray that recent Finnish arrivals will encounter and become friends with evangelical Christians who will exemplify what it means to have personal relationship with Christ.
  • Pray evangelical Finnish will share renew their faith in Christ in order to share the message of the gospel with their own people and the nations.


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StatusCountry City Metro Area Name State / Prov. Baseline Population
United StatesKnoxvilleKnoxvilleTN154