Marathi of Canada

People Group Info

Total Population: 2,800

ROP3 Code: 106317
IMB Affinity Group: South Asian Peoples
Affinity Bloc: South Asian Peoples
People Cluster: Marathi-Konkani
Language: Marathi - (mar)
Religion: Hinduism
Country of Origin: India

Majority Located Where

  Toronto (Mississauga, Brampton), ON - 4,465

  Calgary, AB - 750

  Vancouver, BC - 610

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Brief Profile

Marathi people form an ethno-linguistic people group that is distinct from others in terms of its language, history, cultural and religious practices, social structure, literature and art. They are one of the largest language group of all Indian people groups. The Marathi emigrated from the centrally located state of Maharashtra in India.

Most Marathi immigrants work as doctors, engineers or scientists. Others work in telecommunications and the IT industry.

Marathi people are predominately Hindu and due to the size of their language group often have their own Mandal (Hindu Temple). Marathi are spread throughout many metro areas (click here to learn more). Although the majority are Hindu, a small number are Marathi speaking Jews.

Prayer Points

  • Pray for God to burden the church for the Marathi.
  • Pray for God to open the hearts and minds of the Marathi.
  • Pray for the church to reach out to the Marathi.
  • Pray that the Marathi would have the desire to learn about Christianity.


Global Recordings Network
Online Bible
Online Talking Bible - Marathi
PG - Hindi and Hindu Story Set (pdf)
Religions - Hinduism Belief Bulletin (pdf)
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StatusCountry City Metro Area Name State / Prov. Baseline Population
CanadaBramptonToronto (Mississauga, Brampton)ON4,465