Pampangan of North America

People Group Info

Total Population: 9,100

ROP3 Code: 107808
IMB Affinity Group: Southeast Asian Peoples
Affinity Bloc: Malay Peoples
People Cluster: Filipino, Central
Language: Pampanga - (pam)
Religion: Christianity - Roman Catholic
Country of Origin: Philippines

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Majority Located Where

  Winnipeg, MB - 1,600

  Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, MD - 550

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Brief Profile

The Pampangan, also known as the Pampangueños, Pampangos or Kapampangan, people are one of the major language ethnic groups of the Philippines who reside in the province of Pampanga, on the plains of Central Luzon, the southern portion of the province of Tarlac and northeastern Bataan.

Many Pampangan festivals display an indigenous flavor unique only to the Pampangan people. Consider the Curaldal or "street dancing" that accompanies the Feast of Santa Lucia in Sasmuan or the Aguman Sanduk where men cross-dress as women to welcome the New Year.

The majority of Pampangan adhere to Roman Catholicism, if not in practice at least in name only. However, traces of Animism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam can still be found among their folk practices and traditions. A small percentage of Pampangan are evangelical Christians.

Prayer Points

  • For God to reveal the truth of salvation through grace alone and not through acts of religious rituals.
  • That existing evangelical churches will recognize that Pampangan are in need of hearing a message of grace through Jesus Christ.
  • That evangelical Pampangan speakers will intentionally engage other Pampangan with the gospel message.


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StatusCountry City Metro Area Name State / Prov. Baseline Population
United StatesRockvilleWashington-Arlington-AlexandriaMD550