Rohingya of United States

People Group Info

Total Population: 13,000

ROP3 Code: 102170
IMB Affinity Group: South Asian Peoples
Affinity Bloc: South Asian Peoples
People Cluster: Bengali
Language: Rohingya - (rhg)
Religion: Islam
Country of Origin: Myanmar [Burma]

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Majority Located Where

  Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX - 220

  Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Roswell, GA - 200

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Brief Profile

The Rohingya people are a Muslim ethnic minority group originating from Myanmar (Burma) in the Rakhine state, formerly known as Arakan. As such, they traditionally border Bangladesh. The Rohingya people are considered “stateless entities”, as the Myanmar government does not recognize them as an legal ethnic groups of the country.

For this reason, the Rohingya people lack legal protection from the Government of Myanmar, are regarded as mere refugees from Bangladesh, and face strong hostility in the country. To escape Myanmar, the Rohingya enter Southeast Asian states, begging for humanitarian support from potential host countries.

They speak Rohingya which is related to Bengali. However, spoken Rohingya is not mutually intelligible with Bengali. Rohingya do not speak Burmese, the lingua franca of Myanmar.

They practice Sunni Islam with elements of Sufism. Traditionally, men pray in mosques and women pray at home.

Prayer Points

  • Pray that evangelical Christians will become aware of the Rohingya in North America.
  • Pray for evangelical churches to develop intentional church planting strategies, using the many God-prepared bridges to become friends with Rohingya.
  • Pray that God will work miraculously in the lives of Rohingya, coming to them in dreams and visions of the truth found in Jesus Christ.


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Religions - Islam Belief Bulletin (pdf)
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StatusCountry City Metro Area Name State / Prov. Baseline Population
United StatesClarkstonAtlanta-Sandy Springs-RoswellGA200
United StatesDallasDallas-Fort Worth-ArlingtonTX220

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