Shawnee of United States

People Group Info

Total Population: 2,226

ROP3 Code: 108926
IMB Affinity Group: American Peoples
Affinity Bloc: North American Peoples
People Cluster: North American Indigenous
Language: Shawnee - (sjw)
Religion: Christianity
Country of Origin: United States

By Uyvsdi (Own work) [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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Majority Located Where

  Miami, OK - 2,226

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Brief Profile

The Shawnee are a Native American people who consist of three federally recognized autonomous tribes: (1) the Absentee Shawnee near Shawnee, Oklahoma; (2) the Eastern Shawnee of Oklahoma in Ottawa County headquartered in Wyandotte, Oklahoma; and (3) The Shawnee Tribe (also known as Loyal Shawnee) headquartered in Miami, Oklahoma.

Historically, before removal by treaty and U.S. government acts, the Shawnee originally lived in a vast area east of the Mississippi that included Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky.

Taking place in White Oak, Oklahoma, they observe their traditional Spring and Fall Bread Dance, the Green Corn ceremony, and stomp dances.

They adhere to Christianity, the Native American Church, or traditional tribal religion.

Prayer Points

  • Thank God for the Shawnee people and those follow Christ.
  • Ask God to strengthen the hearts of evangelical Shawnee.
  • Pray God will call out Christians to plant churches among unreached Shawnee people.


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