Kurd, Behdini of United States

People Group Info

Total Population: 1,100

ROP3 Code: 114534
IMB Affinity Group: Central Asia Peoples
Affinity Bloc: Persian-Median
People Cluster: Kurd
Language: Northern Kurdish - (kmr)
Religion: Islam - Sunni
Country of Origin: Iraq

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Majority Located Where

  Louisville/Jefferson County, KY - 200

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Brief Profile

The majority of Behdini Kurd people migrated to the United States from Iraq and Iran. Other minority populations migrated from Syria and Turkey.

Kurdish people do not share a common language. The Kurdish language is officially recognized in the Iraqi constitution alongside Arabic. Kurdi or Sorani emerged as the literary expression of Kurdish language and is recognized in Iraq as the official written form of Kurdish. Within the Kurdish language there are four dialect groups; Northern Kurdish (the largest group), Central Kurdish (Sorani), Kurmanji, Laki (Southern Kurdish). The existing linguistic divisions within the Kurdish language make it difficult to generalize about what languages are being spoken by Kurds in the United States.

The majority of Behdini Kurd people adhere to Islam with smaller minority Behdini Kurd people being Atheist, Zoroastrianist or Agnostic.

Prayer Points

  • Pray Christian will intentionally frequent places that Behdini Kurdish people hangout in order to build evangelistic bridges.
  • Pray God will stir the hearts and minds of Behdini Kurdish people to seek for truth found in Jesus Christ.


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StatusCountry City Metro Area Name State / Prov. Baseline Population
United StatesLouisvilleLouisville/Jefferson CountyKY200