Malay, Brunei of North America

People Group Info

Total Population: 5,700

ROP3 Code: 101679
IMB Affinity Group: Southeast Asian Peoples
Affinity Bloc: Malay Peoples
People Cluster: Borneo-Kalimantan
Language: Brunei - (kxd)
Religion: Islam - Sunni
Country of Origin: Brunei

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Majority Located Where

  Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, MD - 700

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Brief Profile

Brunei Malay originated from the country of Brunei. Their name refers to several very closely related and assimilated groups of indigenous people in Brunei. The largest are the Malay and the Kedayan. Several smaller groups, including the Low Malay Creole, Kiput, Kayan, and Bisaya Sabah are also a part of the Brunei Malay population.

A few cultural norms include being polite to always accept a little bit (at least) of any food or drink offered to you; to eat or to give (and receive) only with the right hand; and to show due respect to the elderly.

Although they are ethnically related to the Malay and also share the same Islamic religion, there are many cultural and linguistic differences that make them distinct from the larger Malay populations in nearby Malaysia and Singapore.

Prayer Points

  • Most of the Brunei Malay have never had an opportunity to hear the good news. Pray that messengers of the good news will share with them.
  • Pray that believers will reach out to these people in practical ways, demonstrating God’s care and love for them.


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Country City Metro Area Name State / Prov. Baseline Population
United StatesNorth BrentwoodWashington-Arlington-AlexandriaMD700