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PG Name Country Of Birth Primary Religion Language Total Population
Chinese, CantoneseHong KongBuddhism - MahayanaYue Chinese - (yue)1,283,475
Chinese, Fuzhou Min DongChinaBuddhism - MahayanaMin Dong Chinese - (cdo)19,000
Chinese, HakkaTaiwanBuddhism - MahayanaHakka Chinese - (hak)6,750
Chinese, HokkienTaiwanBuddhism - MahayanaMin Nan Chinese - (nan)220,000
Chinese, HuiChinaIslamMandarin Chinese - (cmn)2,100
Chinese, MandarinChinaBuddhism - MahayanaMandarin Chinese - (cmn)2,594,345
Chinese, Shanghainese WuChinaNon-ReligiousWu Chinese - (wuu)7,725
Chinese, TeochewMalaysiaBuddhism - MahayanaMin Nan Chinese - (nan)32,000
JapaneseJapanEthnic Religions - ShintoismJapanese - (jpn)909,007
KoreanSouth KoreaChristianity - ProtestantKorean - (kor)1,643,890
MongolianMongoliaBuddhismMongolian - (mon)26,710
Oirat, Western MongolMongoliaBuddhismKalmyk - (xal)1,700
OkinawanJapanBuddhismCentral Okinawan - (ryu)14,000
Sino-VietnameseVietnamBuddhismMandarin Chinese - (cmn)3,700

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