Carefully Examine

Carefully Examine collects public access data (e.g. census data, demographic, religious, consulate, immigrant, refugee, and educational sources). Public access data serves as a compass to Naturally Encounter people groups. Carefully Examine reveals some people groups within a specific locale, but for the most part only paints a picture of the broader nationalities and ethnic/ancestral heritages of people that exist.

Primary data variables come from two data sources for discovering the existence of people groups.

  • USA 5 Year ACS
  • Canada Census

Secondary data variables include statistics on migration, refugee, language, etc.

Carefully Examine also encourages Editors of to find Points of Interest (POI).  Points of Interest (POIs) are geographical locations where one may encounter people groups within the North American context.  In essence, POIs are places where people groups gather and hangout. A few include ...

Buddhist Temple

Consulate / Embassy

Ethnic Apartment / Neighborhood

Ethnic Association

Ethnic Business

Ethnic Market / Grocery

Ethnic Restaurant

Hindu Temple

Islamic Mosque

Jewish Synagogue

Other Sacred Point of Interest

Refuge Agency

Shinto Shrine

Ethnic School/Institution

Jain Temple

Sikh Temple

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