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Are you ready to embrace unreached peoples?

Embracing unreached peoples in your locale is AN UNENDING TASK. No matter how much is done, cultures are constantly changing, people are continually migrating from place to place, and technology and travel is ever dispersing where people make a living and rest their head.

With the above in mind, encourages three inter-related ways to embrace unreached peoples ranging from sifting through existing data along with gathering new information directly from people to engaging people up close and personal.

The three ways range anywhere from public to private, being as public in the form of online data to as private in the form of up close and personal with a specific people. The following three ways are not sequential but may happen simultaneously.

Carefully Examine surfaces signs that point to the existence of people groups within a city or metro area.

Examine utilizes two different forms of public access data: (1) USA 5 Year ACS - Race, Foreign Born Population, and Language Spoken at Home; (2) Canada Census - Language Most Often Spoken at Home and Foreign Born.

It also finds Points of Interest (e.g. Ethnic Associations, Embassies/Consulates, Buddhist Temples, Hindu Temples, Islamic Mosques, Ethnic Markets, Ethnic Apartment Complexes, etc.)

Find  Points of Interest !

Naturally Encounter includes discovering the specific people groups who reside within the specific locale.

Encounter seeks to verify the existence, demographic size, engagement status, and evangelical presence (if any) among people groups through a variety of means and methods.

Through naturally encountering people groups up close and personal, Encounter makes objective observations and asks culturally sensitive questions when encountering peoples in specific metro areas.

Discern  Points of Engagement !

Intentionally Engage is the end vision of embracing unreached peoples. registered users have access to resources that will assist in evangelism, church planting, disciple-making, and leadership training among people groups. Registered users can also view strategic needs of peoples within their locale, helping to prioritize the most strategic needs for church planting about people groups.

Editors can add resources or tools that they have found helpful for engaging a specific people.

Engage  People of Peace !