Discover and Connect with Diaspora People.

"Proclaim My Glory among the Nations."

- Isaiah 66:19

ENCOUNTER lessons will equip you to discover and connect with diaspora. These lessons utilize the Explore Map, providing a hands-on approach to discovering diaspora people in your locale and throughout North America.

These lessons also teach culturally appropriate approaches for connecting with the diverse mix of diaspora people.  As you learn to connect, you will form lasting relationships with diaspora people.

ENCOUNTER lessons will also equip you to have natural conversations with diaspora people that lead to sharing your personal testimony.

An interactive, virtual training on how to discover diaspora people via the Explore Map on PeopleGroups.info. Plus, a look at possible signposts of where those people hang out (points of interest).
1 hour

Part 1 - An interactive, hands-on training using best practices in forming relationships with focus on principles and practices of intercultural communication among diaspora people.
3 1/2 hours

Part 2 - An interactive, hands-on training of how to connect with diaspora people on a spiritual level, emphasizing how to avoid unnecessarily offending diaspora people because of cultural insensitivity.
2 hour

3 hours

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