Collaborate in the Initiative


Go to the People Group List and click on a people group - read the people group profile and prayer needs, then commit one month to pray for that people.

Go to the Metro Area List and click on a metro area - read the profile and browse through the people highlight list, then commit one month to pray for that metro area.

Download the following guide to begin praying on a daily basis.

Prayer Guide


Get the word out - use to cast vision and mobilize other Christians to become aware and to begin engaging the nations next door.

So you helped others imagine the possibilities. Now what?  Enlist them to pass on the same passion you have expressed. Then begin doing practical ministries together among people groups in your locale.  

Download the following guide to learn a few practical ideas.

Practical Ideas

  Become an Editor

Help clarify the picture of where people groups in your locale hang out and who specifically they are. Become an editor and ...

  • Add Points of Interest - POIs are places where people groups hangout or frequent (e.g. ethnic market, temple, mosque, etc.).  Use the ones you enter to mobilize other Christians in your locale.
  • Add People Group Markers - using the people group master list you can add a people group marker either as a No Longer Unreached, Engaged Yet Unreached, or Unengaged Unreached People Group.
  • Add Resources - share an evangelistic or discipleship tool that you have found effective for reaching a specific people group.
Editor Request

  Download Resources