Longview-Tyler, TX

Total Population: 442,736

(An increase of 4.4 % in the past 5 years.)

Census Data

  • Foreign Born - 33,680
  • Language Spoken at Home - 28,356

  • 7.6% of Total Population are Foreign Born
  • 6.4% of Total Population Speak Another Language Other than English at Home

[Source: American Community Survey (ACS) 5-Year Foreign Born and Language Spoken at Home]

Quick Facts

  • Longview and Tyler are considered the major hub cities for East Texas.

  • Tyler hosts for more a significant population of higher education students, a College of Engineering, and a University Health Science Center, two regional, billion-dollar hospital systems, and a variety of technology startups.

  • Among the foreign born, Muslim and Buddhist people groups like Arabs and Cambodian, Khmer and Vietnamese are the largest

  • A significant Gujarati and Hindi community is also found in this area

People Group Profiles

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PG Name Country Of Birth Affinity Bloc Primary Religion Baseline Population Total
BengaliBangladeshSouth Asian PeoplesIslam - Sunni105
Cambodian, KhmerCambodiaSoutheast Asian PeoplesBuddhism375
Chinese, MandarinChinaEast Asian PeoplesBuddhism458
Arab, EgyptianEgyptArab WorldIslam75
SalvadoranEl SalvadorLatin-Caribbean AmericansChristianity - Other / Marginal772
GermanGermanyEurasian PeoplesChristianity - Protestant651
GuatemalanGuatemalaLatin-Caribbean AmericansChristianity - Roman Catholic258
HonduranHondurasLatin-Caribbean AmericansChristianity - Roman Catholic343
GujaratiIndiaSouth Asian PeoplesHinduism317
HindiIndiaSouth Asian PeoplesHinduism116
ItalianItalyEurasian PeoplesChristianity - Roman Catholic216
JapaneseJapanEast Asian PeoplesEthnic Religions - Shintoism82
KenyanKenyaSub-Saharan AfricanChristianity - Protestant81
Arab, LebaneseLebanonArab WorldIslam275
MalayMalaysiaMalay PeoplesIslam70
NigerianNigeriaSub-Saharan AfricanChristianity - Protestant145
UrduPakistanSouth Asian PeoplesIslam77
Filipino, TagalogPhilippinesMalay PeoplesChristianity - Roman Catholic1,140
RussianRussiaEurasian PeoplesChristianity - Orthodox207
SlovakSlovakiaEurasian PeoplesChristianity - Orthodox136
AfrikanerSouth AfricaEurasian PeoplesChristianity - Protestant115
KoreanSouth KoreaEast Asian PeoplesChristianity - Protestant178
SinhaleseSri LankaSouth Asian PeoplesBuddhism122
Arab, SyrianSyriaArab WorldIslam70