New Orleans-Metairie, LA

The New Orleans-Metairie MSA is a seven county, metropolitan area located in southeastern Louisiana off the coast of the Gulf of Mexico.

After New Orleans faced Hurricane Katrina, one of the worst natural disasters this country has ever seen, the city saw a significant loss of population due to the damage. However, recently the city's population has begun to recover. The city is seeing almost double the amount of immigrants coming in as it did before Hurricane Katrina.

Total Population: 1,262,888

(An increase of 6.14 % in the past 5 years.)

Census Data

  • Foreign Born - 80,287
  • Language Spoken at Home - 116,291

Quick Facts

  • New Orleans is the most populous city, as well as the most populous MSA in the state of Louisiana.

  • Over the past five years the metro area's population has increased by over five percent.

  • Approximately ten percent of the population speak a language other than English at home.

  • Those who are under 18 are a minority majority, with only 45.2% being non-Hispanic whites.

  • New Orleans has one of the top five largest Honduran populations in the United States, many of which have arrived within the last decade.

  • Central American Children arriving within the last five years alone make up approximately thirteen percent of all foreign-born children in New Orleans.

  • One of the most concentrated Vietnamese enclaves is located in east New Orleans, with over five thousand Vietnamese immigrants living in two census tracts.


Historically, New Orleans has had a primarily European foreign-born population that was predominately French. Even today there is a large amount of French speaking people in the area. Much of the city's culture can be traced back to its early immigrants. More recently the city has seen a significant rise in the Latino population.

Latinos are currently the largest ethnic group in the greater New Orleans area, more than doubling the next largest group. The city has a large Central American population, with two of the three largest people groups being Mexican and Honduran. The city also has a growing Asian Population, with immigrants from south, east, and southeast Asia coming in daily. The Vietnamese are the second largest people group in the city, and they have one of the most densely populated Vietnamese enclaves in the country, located on the east side of the city.

People Group Profiles

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PG Name Country Of Birth Affinity Bloc Primary Religion Baseline Population Total
VietnameseVietnamSoutheast Asian PeoplesBuddhism17,092
Arab, Palestinian (Muslim)IsraelArab WorldIslam1,748
Arab, EgyptianEgyptArab WorldIslam1,160
UrduPakistanSouth Asian PeoplesIslam1,126
Arab, Lebanese (Muslim)LebanonArab WorldIslam - Sunni806
HindiIndiaSouth Asian PeoplesHinduism548
Arab, JordanianJordanArab WorldIslam395
Gujarati (Hindu)IndiaSouth Asian PeoplesHinduism331
Arab, IraqiIraqArab WorldIslam - Shia284
Jew, IsraeliIsraelJewsEthnic Religions - Judaism205
HonduranHondurasLatin-Caribbean AmericansChristianity - Roman Catholic17,951
FrenchFranceEurasian PeoplesChristianity - Roman Catholic10,615
Acadian, CajunUnited StatesEurasian PeoplesChristianity - Orthodox6,000
NicaraguanNicaraguaLatin-Caribbean AmericansChristianity - Roman Catholic4,290
CubanCubaLatin-Caribbean AmericansChristianity - Roman Catholic2,850
Chinese, MandarinChinaEast Asian PeoplesBuddhism2,130
Egyptian CoptEgyptArab WorldChristianity - Orthodox1,740
SalvadoranEl SalvadorLatin-Caribbean AmericansChristianity - Other / Marginal1,690
BrazilianBrazilLatin-Caribbean AmericansChristianity - Other / Marginal1,593
DominicanDominican RepublicLatin-Caribbean AmericansChristianity - Other / Marginal1,465
Arab, Lebanese (Christian)LebanonArab WorldChristianity - Roman Catholic1,436
Filipino, TagalogPhilippinesMalay PeoplesChristianity - Roman Catholic1,284
GermanGermanyEurasian PeoplesChristianity - Protestant1,020
RussianRussiaEurasian PeoplesChristianity - Orthodox953

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