Samoan, American of North America

People Group Info

Total Population: 62,320

ROP3 Code: 108580
IMB Affinity Group: Southeast Asian Peoples
Affinity Bloc: Pacific Islanders
People Cluster: Polynesian
Language: Samoan - (smo)
Religion: Christianity
Country of Origin: American Samoa

Photo courtesy of Joshua Project.
By The Master's View / Howard Erickson

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Majority Located Where

  Vancouver (Surrey), BC - 205

  Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX - 130

  Austin-Round Rock, TX - 100

  Kansas City, MO - 60

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Brief Profile

The Samoan people, a Polynesian ethnic group, originated either from American Samoa, the unincorporated territory of the United States located in the South Pacific Ocean, or from Samoa, which is southeast of America Samoa. Outside of Samoa, the majority of Samoans reside in the United States, New Zealand and Australia.

Samoans have practiced the art of tattooing men and women for thousands of years. Their tatoos, often with geometric patterns, traditionally signifed rank and status but now often highlights their cultural identity. Tattos also often purposefully tell a story.

Over 90% of Samoans in Samoa and American Samoa claim Christianity with over 90% of that population attending church weekly. Similarly high numbers are seen across the Samoan diaspora. Choral music is vital with Samoan Christian culture.

Prayer Points

  • Pray evangelical Samoans will embrace God's call to "go and make disciples of all nations" (Matthew 28:19, ESV).
  • Pray evangelical Samoans will grow strong in their knowledge and understanding of Jesus Christ.
  • Pray other evangelical Christians will partner with evangelical Samoans to share the message of Christ via word and deed with the nations.


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StatusCountry City Metro Area Name State / Prov. Baseline Population
CanadaVancouverVancouver (Surrey)BC205
United StatesFort WorthDallas-Fort Worth-ArlingtonTX130
United StatesAustinAustin-Round RockTX100
United StatesSugar CreekKansas CityMO60