Salish, Southern Puget of United States

People Group Info

Total Population: 5,597

ROP3 Code: 109508
IMB Affinity Group: American Peoples
Affinity Bloc: North American Peoples
People Cluster: North American Indigenous
Language: English - (eng)
Religion: Christianity
Country of Origin: United States

Photo Courtesy of U.S. Geological Survey (Department of the Interior), photo by Leslie Dierauf.

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Majority Located Where

  Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, WA - 1,804

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Brief Profile

The Salish, Southern Puget are a Native American people reside in and around the Puget Sound Basin in Washington state, near and just north of Seattle. Most contemporary Southern Puget Salish Indians live on local reservations or in nearby cities and towns.

Historically, the Southern Puget Salish refers to over 50 named, autonomous Indian groups or tribes inhabiting the Puget Sound region and speaking one of two languages. However, now the majority of the people speak English. In fact, their mother tongue, Southern Puget Salish, is nearly extinct.

They are mixed religiously with some being Roman Catholic, others being Protestant Christians, and others practicing traditional beliefs such as consulting shamans; and traditional dances, music, and ceremonials, particularly pertaining to funerals, spirit powers, and the giving of inherited Indian names. In addition, some are not phased on a daily basis with an religious preferences.

Prayer Points

  • Pray evangelical Southern Puget Salish will boldly and unashamedly share via words and deeds the message of hope found in Jesus Christ.
  • Pray God will stir hearts creating unrest about eternal matters in life.
  • Pray Christians will develop close friendships with Southern Puget Salish revealing to them how Christ is intimate and has made a difference in how they see life.
  • Pray Christians will gather where Southern Puget Salish gather, building bridges that allow the gospel to cross.


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Country City Metro Area Name State / Prov. Baseline Population
United StatesTulalipSeattle-Tacoma-BellevueWA1,804