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“All nations will come and worship before you."

- Revelations 15:4

Anuak of United States

People Group Info

Total Population: 3,900

ROP3 Code: 100395
IMB Affinity Group: Sub-Saharan African Peoples
Affinity Bloc: Sub-Saharan African
People Cluster: Nilotic
Language: Anuak - (anu)
Religion: Ethnic Religions
Country of Origin: South Sudan

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Majority Located Where

  Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX - 2,700

  Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington, MN - 1,200

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Brief Profile

The Anuak people in the United States migrated primarily from villages situated along the banks and rivers of southeastern South Sudan as well as southwestern Ethiopia, especially the Gambela Region. Their language is referred to as Dha-anywaa. Since the turn of the century, they have faced ethnic cleansing in the homeland. Thus, thousands in the past ten plus years have found refuge in the United States.

They are believed to have a common origin with the Shilluk. Originally a semi-nomadic people, they in their homeland herded sheep and goats and kept small gardens near their homes. As a result, their transition to the United States initially was quite difficult since they first settled in metro areas.

Traditionally, the majority are animists (believing that non-human objects have spirits) who follow their traditional ethnic religion. They believe in an all-powerful spirit named Juok who is regarded as the creator of all things. The Anuak sacrifice animals to Juok for help when someone is sick or when someone wants revenge.

The Anuak also pray directly to Juok, instead of using mediator spirits or priests to intercede for them. The Anuak also practice divination and magic. They call upon the cijor (a type of sorcerer) to put curses on others. Such sorcerers are often used by elderly people who are unable to avenge themselves.

Please note: The Sudanese people group cluster, numbering over 100,000, includes the Acholi, Anuak, Azande, Bari, Central Dinka, Jur Modo, Kaliko, Mabaan, Madi, Moru, Nuer, Shilluk, plus several other minority people groups. They are socially, culturally, linguistically, and religiously diverse with each having their own unique people group identity.

Prayer Points

  • Ask God to reveal the truth in Jesus Christ through dreams.
  • Pray for the Anuak people to learn that they may know both the ultimate and intimate God through Jesus Christ.
  • Pray as more Anuak are discovered residing throughout North America that Christians will respond to call of God, intentionally engaging the Anuak so that they will have a vibrant evangelical church that is reaching not only their own people but other people groups.

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Country City Metro Area Name State / Prov. Baseline Population
United StatesDallasDallas-Fort Worth-ArlingtonTX2,700
United StatesShoreviewMinneapolis-St. Paul-BloomingtonMN1,200