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PG Name Country Of Birth Primary Religion Language Total Population
MandinkaGambiaIslamMandinka - (mnk)2,600
ManinkaGuineaIslamEastern Maninkakan - (emk)5,300
MoruSouth SudanEthnic ReligionsMoru - (mgd)6,600
Burkinabe, MossiBurkino FasoIslamMossi - (mos)2,480
MozambicanMozambiqueChristianity - Roman CatholicPortuguese - (por)4,800
NamibianNamibiaEthnic ReligionsEnglish - (eng)1,450
NigerianNigeriaChristianity - ProtestantEnglish - (eng)242,205
NiloticKenyaChristianity - ProtestantLuo (Kenya and Tanzania) - (luo)4,300
NubianSudanIslam - SunniSudanese Arabic - (apd)4,300
NuerSouth SudanEthnic ReligionsNuer - (nus)27,500
PidginNigeriaChristianityNigerian Pidgin - (pcm)2,800
RwandanRwanda Kinyarwanda - (kin)11,000
ShillukSouth SudanEthnic ReligionsShilluk - (shk)14,900
SoninkeMaliIslamSoninke - (snk)5,300
South AfricanSouth Africa English - (eng)87,500
SwaziSouth AfricaChristianity - Other / MarginalSwati - (ssw)550
TogoleseTogo Ewe - (ewe)6,315
UdukSudanIslamUduk - (udu)375
UgandanUganda Ganda - (lug)12,535
Senegalese WolofSenegal Wolof - (wol)64,200
YorubaNigeria Yoruba - (yor)26,340
ZambianZambia English - (eng)8,325
ZimbabweanZimbabweChristianityEnglish - (eng)18,925
ZaghawaSudanIslamZaghawa - (zag)250
Dinka South SudanChristianitySouth Central Dinka - (dib)4,815
FurSudanIslamFur - (fvr)310
KikuyuKenyaChristianity - ProtestantKikuyu - (kik)550
Embu-MbeereKenyaChristianity - Roman CatholicEmbu - (ebu)1,100
MadiSouth SudanEthnic ReligionsMa'di - (mhi)1,100
AcholiSouth SudanEthnic ReligionsAcoli - (ach)2,300

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