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PG Name Country Of Birth Primary Religion Language Total Population
Bermudan, West Indian BlackBermudaChristianityVirgin Islands Creole English - (vic)73,265
BihariIndiaIslam - SunniBhojpuri - (bho)150
BisayaMalaysiaIslamSabah Bisaya - (bsy)6,190
Black Creole, GullahUnited StatesChristianitySea Island Creole English - (gul)295,000
Black TaiVietnamEthnic ReligionsTai Dam - (blt)10,000
Blackfoot, SiksikaUnited StatesChristianitySiksika - (bla)26,425
BolivianBoliviaChristianity - Roman CatholicSpanish - (spa)105,780
BolovenLaosBuddhismLaven - (lbo)37,500
BosniakBosnia and HerzegovinaIslamBosnian - (bos)242,915
Botswanan, TswanaBotswanaChristianity - IndependentTswana - (tsn)2,100
BraoLaosBuddhismLave - (brb)100
BrazilianBrazilChristianity - Other / MarginalPortuguese - (por)308,395
BretonFranceChristianity - Roman CatholicBreton - (bre)14,350
BulgarBulgariaChristianity - OrthodoxBulgarian - (bul)126,085
BunongCambodiaChristianity - ProtestantCentral Mnong - (cmo)450
Burkinabe, MossiBurkino FasoIslamMossi - (mos)2,480
Burmese, BhamaMyanmar [Burma]Buddhism - TheravadaBurmese - (mya)95,895
BurundiBurundiChristianity - Roman CatholicFrench - (fra)17,295
Caboverdian MesticoCabo VerdeChristianity - Roman CatholicKabuverdianu - (kea)45,250
CaddoUnited StatesChristianityEnglish - (eng)5,757
CahuillaUnited StatesChristianity - Roman CatholicEnglish - (eng)3,000
CakchiquelGuatemalaEthnic ReligionsKaqchikel - (cak)124,000
Cambodian, KhmerCambodiaBuddhismCentral Khmer - (khm)259,340
Carib Motilon, YukpaColombiaChristianity - Roman CatholicYukpa - (yup)700
Caribbean, English SpeakingChristianityEnglish - (eng)360,000
CarolinianMicronesiaChristianity - Roman CatholicCarolinian - (cal)200
CarrierCanadaChristianity - Roman CatholicCarrier - (crx)2,700
Carrier, BabineCanadaChristianity - Roman CatholicBabine - (bcr)3,000
Carrier, SouthernCanadaChristianity - Roman CatholicSouthern Carrier - (caf)600
CatalanSpainChristianity - Roman CatholicCatalan - (cat)1,750

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