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PG Name Country Of Birth Primary Religion Language Total Population
Anglo-CanadianCanadaNon-ReligiousEnglish - (eng)23,810,000
AngolanAngolaEthnic ReligionsPortuguese - (por)2,040
Arab, Shia KuwaitiKuwaitIslamGulf Arabic - (afb)2,240
AtikamekwCanadaChristianityAtikamekw - (atj)5,365
Carrier, BabineCanadaChristianity - Roman CatholicBabine - (bcr)3,000
BenineseBeninEthnic ReligionsFrench - (fra)2,665
Berber, KabyleAlgeriaIslamKabyle - (kab)1,995
Balanta, KentoheGuineaEthnic ReligionsBalanta-Kentohe - (ble)80
CarrierCanadaChristianity - Roman CatholicCarrier - (crx)2,700
ChilcotinCanadaChristianityChilcotin - (clc)2,500
Chippewa, Eastern Ojibwa SpeakingCanadaChristianityEastern Ojibwa - (ojg)31,500
Comorian, MaoreComorosIslamMaore Comorian - (swb)60
ComoxCanadaChristianity - Roman CatholicEnglish - (eng)1,200
Deaf CanadiansCanadaEthnic ReligionsAmerican Sign Language - (ase)175,000
Cree, Eastern CoastalCanadaChristianityNorthern East Cree - (crl)7,600
Caribbean, English SpeakingChristianityEnglish - (eng)360,000
GambianGambiaIslam - SunniEnglish - (eng)595
GitxsanCanadaChristianityGitxsan - (git)13,000
HaislaCanadaChristianityEnglish - (eng)1,700
HalkomelemCanadaChristianityHalkomelem - (hur)9,700
HeiltsukCanadaChristianityHeiltsuk - (hei)1,870
Cree, Inland EasternCanadaChristianitySouthern East Cree - (crj)2,900
Innu MontaganisCanadaChristianity - Roman CatholicMontagnais - (moe)22,000
InuitCanadaChristianity - Roman CatholicEastern Canadian Inuktitut - (ike)36,000
KaskaCanadaChristianity - Roman CatholicKaska - (kkz)1,200
KenyanKenyaChristianity - ProtestantEnglish - (eng)8,060
KitimaatCanadaChristianityHaisla - (has)225
KonkaniIndiaHinduismKonkani (individual language) - (knn)5,815
LillooetCanadaChristianity - Roman CatholicLillooet - (lil)6,670
MauritianMauritiusHinduismMorisyen - (mfe)6,695

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