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PG Name Country Of Birth Primary Religion Language Total Population
Achumawi, Pitt RiverUnited StatesChristianityEnglish - (eng)900
African AmericansUnited StatesChristianity - ProtestantEnglish - (eng)38,920,000
Ahtena, Copper RiverUnited StatesChristianityEnglish - (eng)500
AlabamaUnited StatesChristianityEnglish - (eng)1,680
AmericanUnited StatesChristianityEnglish - (eng)197,861,015
Apache, JicarillaUnited StatesChristianity - ProtestantJicarilla Apache - (apj)2,243
Apache, KiowaUnited StatesEthnic ReligionsKiowa Apache - (apk)12,000
Apache, LipanUnited StatesEthnic ReligionsLipan Apache - (apl)6,205
Apache, MescaleroUnited StatesEthnic ReligionsMescalero-Chiricahua Apache - (apm)3,400
Apache, WesternUnited StatesEthnic ReligionsWestern Apache - (apw)18,964
ArapahoUnited StatesEthnic ReligionsArapaho - (arp)10,900
ArikaraUnited StatesNon-ReligiousEnglish - (eng)1,360
AssiniboinCanadaEthnic ReligionsAssiniboine - (asb)5,304
Atsugewi, Pitt RiverUnited StatesEthnic ReligionsEnglish - (eng)150
BahamianBahamasChristianityBahamas Creole English - (bah)50,548
BarbadianBarbadosChristianity - ProtestantEnglish - (eng)79,340
Black Creole, GullahUnited StatesChristianitySea Island Creole English - (gul)295,000
Blackfoot, SiksikaUnited StatesChristianitySiksika - (bla)26,425
CaddoUnited StatesChristianityEnglish - (eng)5,757
CahuillaUnited StatesChristianity - Roman CatholicEnglish - (eng)3,000
CatawbaUnited StatesChristianityEnglish - (eng)578
CayugaCanadaChristianityCayuga - (cay)4,600
ChehalisUnited StatesEthnic ReligionsEnglish - (eng)875
CherokeeUnited StatesEthnic ReligionsCherokee - (chr)310,000
ChetcoUnited StatesChristianityEnglish - (eng)40
CheyenneUnited StatesEthnic ReligionsCheyenne - (chy)22,900
ChickasawUnited StatesChristianityEnglish - (eng)21,897
Chinook WawaUnited StatesEthnic ReligionsChinook jargon - (chn)790
ChippewaUnited StatesChristianity - Roman CatholicOjibwa - (oji)114,020
ChitimachaUnited StatesEthnic ReligionsEnglish - (eng)404

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